'Don't be downbeat'

06 Jan 2019 in News

'Don't be downbeat' 'Don't be downbeat'

'They will produce the goods'

Boston Town boss Gary Edgley has urged doubters to rally round his young side.

He hopes critics will be less downbeat about their prospects after they picked up a valuable win against Peterborough Northern Star.

New signing Liam Tunstall scored his second goal in two games as their 1-0 victory lifted them out of the relegation zone.

Edgley said: “There has been a lot said about the amount of players I have signed since I have been here, but from when I arrived at the club I have only Jordan Tate, Ollie Pinner, Mido Turki and Lori Borbely still here.

“I don’t think people realise the position I was put in from when I arrived and the players I was left with, also with the restraints that I am under I can’t just go out and bring in established UCL players or players from leagues above. I have had to bring in players from lower levels or players that weren’t possibly getting as much football at their previous club as they would have liked, also younger players wanting to establish themselves at this level.

“I have then had to try and gel these players together and work on improving them so they can compete at this level. Some have worked, some haven’t, that’s why the team has been chopped and changed.

“I believe the group I have now will see us through the rest of the season and get us up the league where I want and believe we should be. I have one more new signing arriving with us this week then I just want to concentrate on this group of lads and improve them individually and collectively. 

“Myself and the club have had a lot of stick recently and I would like to think that maybe some of those people would give these young players the support they need rather than being so downbeat - but I’m not so sure that will happen as, after a very good performance and result yesterday from my lads, I didn’t see or hear anything from all the knockers! 

“We are working very hard at this club and trying to get things right. Lori and John Barker have been a massive help to myself and my players.

“Of course we are not out of danger by any means but I have said all along that these players, with experience and a little bit of time, will produce - just like they did yesterday.”

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