5 days to kick-off

29 Jul 2019 in News

5 days to kick-off 5 days to kick-off

Major changes for the UCL

The new season will be the last for the Uhlsport United Counties League in its present format.

It has been successful in its bid to manage a new Step 5 league from 2020-21. The new league will be to the west/north of our current premier division and will add an extra 20 clubs.

The UCL has also won the right to run a new Step 6 league.

UCL chairman Alan Poulain said the changes would help the league to strengthen its standing within the FA Pyramid system.

He said: "We do not know which clubs or which leagues will be moving until the end of the current season, as there will be other factors to be taken into account such as league positions, through promotion and relegation, as well as lateral movements of which there will inevitably be a few."

There is already speculation that Northants clubs could be moved to the Spartan League, with the UCL gaining Derbyshire teams and more from Leicestershire.


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