Coronavirus latest

16 Mar 2020 in News

Coronavirus latest Coronavirus latest

The United Counties League has announced the suspension of all games until further notice.

League statement:

"Having listened to the first briefing by the Prime Minister regarding the current status of the Coronavirus the League Directors and myself have taken the responsible decision to pause the League until further notice. We are pausing the league rather than suspending, with an end date, so that we can react to changing circumstances better than if we keep moving the end date.

The main reasons for pausing the League is that by playing or facilitating football we are furthering social interaction, which has been recommended to be avoided, and which the playing of football would have encouraged. The second reason is that our clubs, many of whom are assisted by an ageing workforce, may not also have sufficient resounces to continue. People over the age of 70 will by the end of the week be subjected to a ‘lengthy stay at home policy’.

I ask you all to stay safe during this pandemic, do as we are all told by keeping your distance or avoiding social contact so that we can over come this virus quicker.

Thank you for your patience and support."

Alan Poulain, UCL Chairman


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