Deeping 2, Poachers 0

11 Dec 2018 in Match Reports

Deeping 2, Poachers 0 Deeping 2, Poachers 0

Last-gasp defeat 

The Poachers suffered Lincs Senior Trophy heartache as they were knocked out by two goals in the dying minutes. 

They looked to be on course for a shootout until high-flying Deeping were handed a penalty with just four minutes to go.

Travis Portas has earlier performed heroics to keep the hosts at bay.

Lori Borbely was shown a late red card for dissent before Deeping added a cruel second.

Town: Portas, Lytvynets, Borbely, Moulds, Waby, Pinner, Cunliffe, Potts, Jaquite, Nichols, Zouka; sub used: Quinn

Photo: (c) @RussellDossett


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