Derby day live

08 Oct 2019 in News

Derby day live Derby day live

Full-time - The mayhem is over as Boston Town finish 5-1 winners after a chaotic second half

Here's how the action unfolded:

88 mins - GOAL! Beck makes it 5-1 as the hosts inevitably make their numerical advantage count at the death
84 mins - GOAL! The Poachers get a fourth, Pat Muirhead's first for the first team
76 mins - RED CARD! Yet another sending off - crazy stuff as Edwads and Kelly join Hylton in getting their marching orders
72 mins - RED CARD! Another sending off as Pinchbeck go down to 9 men
63 mins - First sub for Boston Town as Pat Muirhead comes on for Tunstall
60 mins - RED CARD! Pinchbeck's Niall Hylton is sent off for violent conduct
47 mins - GOAL! Gordon pulls one back for the visitors straight after the restart to make it 3-1

Half-time - the Poachers lead 3-0 thanks to two goals from Lees Beeson and one from Alex Beck, who were both Pinchbeck players last season!

43 mins - GOAL! And another - great work by Bayliss to set up Beeson to score again and make it 3-0
37 mins - GOAL! Alex Beck nicks the ball from the Pinchbeck defence and slots home
21 mins - GOAL! Lee Besson gets the breakthrough against his old club, aided by a slight deflection

Here's Boston Town's team in the home derby against Pinchbeck tonight, with Lee Beeson and Richard Ford back in the starting line-up but no Liam Harris or Kyle Watkins:

Portas, Armond, Luto, Cunliffe, Cartwright, Ford, Beeson, Bayliss, Tunstall, Beck, White; subs: Pinner, Muirhead, Neil 


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