Gary's review of 2019-20 part 4

16 Apr 2020 in News

Gary's review of 2019-20 part 4 Gary's review of 2019-20 part 4

Here's the final part of Boston Town manager Gary Edgley's review of the season.

Question: Obviously, the season has been brought to an end prematurely - which team do you think deserve to have won the UCL Premier Division title?

Gary Edgley: The best team we played was Shepshed Dynamo. They could mix their game up and their players had fantastic movement, easily deserved to have won the league and if I’m honest...I’m gutted that we have to play them again next season! Especially as it's a right old trip away to theirs!

Question: Which opposition player impressed you the most in 2019-20?

Gary Edgley: The number 10 that played for Loughborough Uni - what a talent that lad has got and I fully expect him to be a pro player.


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