It's all going blue!

01 Apr 2020 in News

It's all going blue! It's all going blue!

Hope you enjoyed our April Fool's joke earlier!

We all need a bit of fun to cheer us up at the moment.

Just in case you missed it - here's what we published:

Boston Town have struck a world exclusive deal to play on a blue pitch next season.

The announcement made on April the 1st will see special grass seed sown at the DWB Stadium which will grow bright blue to match the Poachers' kit.

The deal is with the Hong Kong-based company Fu Lish Enterprises.

Spokeswoman May Dupp said: "Our pioneering new type of grass means clubs can have pitches whatever colour they like. We're in talks with Bradford City for example although it's a bit of challenge growing claret and amber striped grass.

We contacted the South Lincolnshire Bluegrass Association for a comment but they said they were a music group and had no idea what we were talking about.

Photo: An artist's impression of what the blue pitch might look like. The artist has since been sacked.


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