Leicester Nirvana 2, Poachers 2

07 Jan 2020 in Match Reports

Leicester Nirvana 2, Poachers 2 Leicester Nirvana 2, Poachers 2

The Poachers stretched their unbeaten run to eight games in a howling wind.

Gary Edgley's side led twice but those hosts battled back twice.

Lee Beeson converted a fourth mnute penalty after a foul on Fraser Bayliss.

Nirvana equalised after 54 minutes but Alex Beck notched his ninth goal of the season to get the visitors' nose back in front.

But they were pegged back again seven minutes from time.

Town: Portas, Warren (Kyle Tate), Borbely, Ford, Cunliffe, Horton, Beeson, Bayliss, White (Muirhead), Beck, Parker; sub unused: Pinner

Photo: (c) Russell Dossett


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