Leon Marsh steps down

08 Feb 2020 in News

Leon Marsh steps down Leon Marsh steps down

Boston Town are seeking a new manager for their reserves team after Leon Marsh announced he wouldn't be continuing next season.

First team manager Gary Edgley said he'd been "fantastic" in the role.

The club are now actively looking for a new management and coaching team to run the side in 2020-21.

Marsh said: "I would like to thank the club for giving me the chance to come and manage Boston Town Reserves.

"Unfortunately at the end of the season I’ve decided to step down from the role. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make as we all said within the club the first season was going to be the hardest. Ultimately the time put in has taken its toll that has made me come to this decision to step down.

I’m  disappointed with how we’ve performed in the league after the pre-season we had - but no excuses, teams have been better than we have when it matters. 

"From a personal level it’s been a great experience going along with the first team in some big games and seeing how it works at that level.

"The five or six lads from the reserves that have gone up and made appearances for the first team - that’s what it’s all about, giving local lads a chance to play at a higher level.

"We’ve got seven games left and me and the lads will give it our all to finish as high as we can.

"It’s a great club to be involved in from top to bottom. If the chance was to come up again and the time was right I would definitely have another go."

Marsh also thanked the sponsors who have helped support his side throughout the season.

Edgley said: "Leon has had a tough season in terms of setting up a brand new team while also trying to develop players for my first team.

"On both of these fronts he’s done a fantastic job, promoting players into the first team while working hard to do well in the league.

"He has done everything that has been asked of him by me and the club while maintaining the standards that we have set.

"I’m disappointed he won’t be continuing next season but the club has to move on. We have learned an awful lot this season, good and bad, and next season we will use all the things we have learned and look to improve again. 

"I want to wish Leon and his family all the best and I feel I have also gained a friend in him with working with him.

"It’s now time to bring someone new in for next season and progress the current group of players and bring in more new players. 

"This club is moving in the right direction and it’s a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to run a football team and be part of this fantastic club."

Anyone interested in running Boston Town Reserves next season should get in touch with the club as soon as possible.


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