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02 Dec 2020 in News

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Some UCL fixtures will resume at the weekend after the league revealed 11 Premier Division clubs are willing to play under tier 2/3 restrictions.

The 11 Premier Division clubs are: Pinchbeck, ON Chenecks, Quorn, Desborough, Anstey, Wellingborough, Oadby, Peterborough Northern Star, Loughborough University, Harborough and Rothwell.

A fiurther 8 clubs in Division One are happy to resume.

Pinchbeck are the only Lincolnshire club to choose to do so - Deeping, Sleaford, Holbeach, Bourne, Blackstones, Harrowby and Bourne have all joined Boston Town is deciding not to play while Lincolnshire is in tier 3.


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