100 Club

Watch this space for news of our 100 Club.

We decided to suspend it while no football was taking place at the DWB Stadium.

When tickets go back on sale, you can now buy them using our new PayPal account: 


You don't need to have a PayPal account to send us money on PayPal.

Here's a reminder of previous winners:

October's winning numbers were:

1st - Millie Coleshill (80) £250
2nd - Fraser Baylss (11) £75
3rd - Bill Cooper (29) £25

It's a fantastic way to support Boston Town and get the chance to win BIG cash prizes.

Tickets for each monthly draw are £10 each.

Each month we'll be giving away a minimum of 40% of the money collected as a 1st prize.

You have to be a member of the 100 Club to take part - but membership is free.

To make sure you're in the hat, ask behind the bar or speak to any club official. If you had a number for the September or October draw and want the same one again, make sure you've paid Lori Borbely.

If you can't make it to the game, contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Here's a reminder of September's winning numbers were:

1st - Jamie Hanton (99) £250
2nd - Jim Ely (28) £75
3rd - Dick Crunkhorn (44) £25

Each month we'll post regular updates to the numbers sold so far.

The cut-off for buying tickets for each draw will usually be the last day of the month - we'll soon be setting up a dedicated bank account so you'll be able to set up a standing order so you can make a regular payment and make sure you never miss out.