Anstey 3, Poachers 0

Boston Town’s hopes of closing the gap on the top three were dashed by in-form Anstey.

The visitors trailed 1-0 at the interval against a Nomads fresh from their FA Vase heroics the previous weekend.

But a disastrous start to the second half saw them concede two more quick goals and have Duran Reynolds sent off for a second yellow card.

Gary Edgley was disappointed by his team’s second half showing.

But he singled out Lori Borbely for praise after he was given a rare start in the absence of Kuwsi Ofushine, Bailey Dilley and Aaron Eyett.

Edgley said: “The only good thing from today was another brilliant performance from Lori, who is still performing at this level.

“Credit to him, to not only be in good enough shape and fitness to do so but then deliver on the pitch as well, young players need to look up to this guy.”

Town: Woolley, Mucklin, Thompson (T White), Borbely, Ford, Tate, Beeson, Sylla (Burdass), Reynolds, Limb, Bayliss; unused subs: Portas, L White

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