Historic find

We hope you enjoyed the April Fool’s Day joke we posted earlier!
Here’s a reminder of the spoof story:

Experts have halted work on the next phase of Boston Town’s clubhouse redevelopment.

They say mysterious writings and drawings uncovered on the walls of the original building are of historical significance.

Researchers are being sent from the Midlands Archaeology Department of Excellence, University of Peterborough (MADE UP) to carry out further investigations.

One of the mysterious drawings uncovered during renovation

Leading cryptologist Yua Fu-Lish is flying in from Beijing to help to decipher the messages.

They were revealed while the club was carrying our refurbishment work. Some of the baffling messages are thought to date back as far as 1964. They include:

“Wot, no football?”
“Minna bites yer legs”
“Play up Boston”
“Kilroy woz ‘ere”

A MADE UP spokesman said: “These could provide a fascinating glimpse into the minds of footballers all those years ago. We just have no idea what they mean.”

The original walls also feature crudely drawn football scenes.

“This is the kind of thing footballers had to resort to before social media. They must have got bored sitting in freezing cold dressing rooms drinking their Bovril,” added the spokesman.

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