10 years for Eddie

Our hard-working secretary Eddie Graves has just completed a decade in the job.

Simon Ashberry presents Eddie with an engraved tankard to mark his 10 years as secretary

He started in December 2011 but we couldn’t mark his 10-year landmark until now because he was recovering from illness.

Eddie got into the secretary role after being spoken to by the former secretary Ron Bennett while he was part of the Boston Saints junior coaching team, which is now Boston Town Saints.

Eddie had been with the juniors for over nine years as coach, treasurer, secretary and vice-chairman as some of his roles. He still coached the juniors until 2014, doing both roles as junior coach and secretary for Boston Town from 2011. He is still vice-chairman of the juniors.

The club’s website editor Simon Ashberry said: “We’re all delighted to see Eddie back at games. Everyone missed him while he was recuperating – it just shows what valuable role he fulfills behind the scenes.”

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