Gary’s last day

Gary Edgley says he’s honoured to be Boston Town manager for one final time.

He will step down from the role after today’s local derby at home to Sleaford Town.

Edgely said ahead of the game: “It’s going to be a sad day but also a special day that I’m looking forward to.

“When I look back on the club and the team I joined and I now look at us I know that myself and my backroom team – Lori, JB and Degsy, along with the chairman and Eddie – have done a great job to now be where we are on and off the pitch. I know we can all be proud of that achievement.”

Photo: (c) Craig Harrison

Edgley took over the hot seat in August 2018 and has transformed the fortunes of a struggling team.

“Whatever the result today, this has been a good season and I’m looking forward to getting into the trenches with my players and going to war for one more game,” said Edgley.

“These lads have been brilliant all season, giving me everything and showing their loyalty towards myself and the club when they could have taken much better offers. I’m honoured to be called their manager for one more time.

“Also I’m happy to be playing Sleaford in my last game as there are a few of my ex-players that I have enormous respect for playing as well and that will be great that they will be part of this memory of my final game – although I’m hoping they have an off day!”

Edgley added: “I would also just like to say thank you to all the fans and the welcome they have given me while I have been at the club and I will miss them on a Saturday afternoon.”

Easter Monday kick-off at the Mortgages For You Stadium is 3pm.

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