‘Enjoy where we are’

Boston Town manager Gary Edgley has praised the club’s hierarchy for building the foundations for success on the field.

He told Lincolnshire World the club had made great strides over the past three years.

The Poachers currently sit 5th in the United Counties League Premier North and are looking to secure their highest league finish for 12 years.

Edgley said: “We’re not trying to be something we’re not, we’re moving gradually. Huge credit to the chairman Mick Vines and the board of directors for doing that as it’s made the club solid.

“We’ve done all this by being completely sustainable. There’s been a gradual climb from where we’ve been down at the wrong end of the table fighting for our lives. We’re well within our means and the club’s completely stable.

“We’ve got to enjoy what we’re doing at the club as the last three years has been a huge move from where they’ve been over the past few years.”

Tomorrow, his side face a tough fixture on 8th-placed Melton Town’s artificial pitch.

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