Bones found near stadium

Boston Town continue to train as usual despite a police presence at nearby Witham Way Country Park.

Members of the public are asked to avoid the area after Lincolnshire Police confirmed human remains were found there.

Officers are expected to be at the scene for another week or longer.

It’s not being treated as a murder investigation but the area has been taped off while forensic tests are being carried out.

The Poachers have another away fixture this weekend and Gary Edgley’s side are able to continue to use their training ground at the Mortgages For Your Stadium as normal.

Detective Inspector Andy McWatt said: “Specialist forensic tests will now be carried out on these remains to try and identify who they may belong to. This can take up to two weeks so we will remain in the area until we have the results.

“We remain open minded and are taking all necessary precautions to examine the scene thoroughly.

“As such there will be an increased police presence at the location and surrounding area for at least the next week. Please avoid the area.”

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